When I graduated college, I went backpacking through Europe. Was I scared? Yes. Did I get lost? Yes. Was I running on adrenaline from constantly moving through eight countries in three weeks? Absolutely.

During this trip, I realized two things:

1) People are inherently good.
2) I can do anything.

I aim high for both myself and the companies I’ve represented. I know that a friendly smile can work magic and a good story can intrigue even the worst of skeptics.

Now, I’m a specialist in strategy & digital marketing, and I love the way the digital world brings together people from all over the world. At the end of the day, I love picking up a local paper and tuning into the local radio stations.

I’ve worked with clients & companies of all sizes and across a variety of industries to ramp up social media accounts and SEO, polish websites and provide a marketing strategy for their brand (sometimes developing that too!) I’d be happy to chat strategy and life goals with you, or answer any questions you may have regarding your marketing and public relations plans.

Key Accomplishments:

• Drove cross-functional teams to align creative with traditional and digital messaging, and inspired clients to move forward with creating a brand that will be a thought leader in the industry.-Earned a Kansas City Direct Marketing Association AMBIT award for the success of Integrated Marketing Campaign, Token for your Kindness, by creating a highly targeted email list with an average 135% open rate, and 43% unique open rate.

• Successfully outlined and created a smooth user experience for a marketing consultant training and networking website.

• Utilized creative thinking to craft engaging social media and website content for events and brands spanning the agriculture, retail, government, and alternative fuels industries, as well as internal brands.

To see more of my life’s work, head over to LinkedIn or download my resume here: Download Resume Here